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Catering Bergen County - Casa Cubana Catering

Many of us enjoy the diversity of cuisines in the United States, all in gratitude to the enormous influence of external communities that kept their culture. We are happy to share it with the rest of us. Miami was and still is the epicenter of the Spanish community. You are bound to indulge in a savory of delicious mixtures with a rich blend of traditional ingredients.

Our family-run restaurant catering business has firm roots in Miami and currently manages its primary catering business in New York. You should be able to share Cuban food with guests at your wedding event, office parties, and more. This article discusses what we do to ensure we uphold the most critical components of Cuban cuisine so you have the most nourishing, delicious, and excitable dining.

Reasons To Choose Us For Your Cuban Catering In Bergen County

Great Traditional Cuban Food

Food is the main addition to any catering service, and you want a caterer that knows everything about all they are doing with accurate details. People love when they get their food from skilled and educated caterers who connect to the cuisine's culture.

The best catering companies know that Cuban food is not as spicy and hot as Mexican food, so we like to maintain the delicate flavor and keep a tolerable blend of simple additions. Onions and garlic make up a good amount of the seasoning, so the meal will not be as spicy and sharp for people who do not enjoy spices.

The trick to making Cuban food with such simple spices is to keep up the strict traditional recipes, with all the right ingredients of tomato sauce, olives, raisins, and other standard foods.

The Best Niche Spanish Food Catering Meals

There are more than 120,000 catering businesses in the United States alone, and data suggests there could be thousands more unregistered businesses. Deciding on the cuisine is easy when there is always competition in the local scene. Please choose your favorite catering business by developing a clear vision for your dining experience and then researching all your prospects to make sure they tick the boxes.

We are one of the most favored Cuban caterers because we have maintained the true nature of the foods, which means all our dishes are a mix of African, Asian, and Spanish meals. The dishes we serve are the same ones you will get in a restaurant in Cuba, so perhaps we are your best bet when you want a neat serving of traditional Cuban meals and drinks.

In the beginning, Cuban food catering for events companies was not able to deliver the desired punch of their foods. Still, things are different now because there are so many shopping outlets catered to the Cuban community. Many companies had to move and set up their business in Cuba, so there is no shortage of affordable and original ingredients to make impeccable meals.

Most importantly, anyone who chooses us can expect to meet all their needs with excellent customer support services. Check out our menu and order online to get started with consultation on private catering services and more.



Corporate Catering

As one of New York and New Jersey’s favorite local caterers, we bring you delicious Cuban Cuisine, where you can trust us to supplement your next special event or ongoing corporate catering program. Your staff, partners, colleagues, and clients will appreciate the care and attention the Casa Cubana Team provides.

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Wedding Catering

Communication and event planning are the core to making your special day perfect.  Casa Cubana’s wedding catering services focus on bringing your vision to life and making sure all your wedding wishes come true.
We genuinely cherish each wedding day and are appreciative to be a part of it.

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