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Cuban Food In NJ - Casa Cubana Catering


Mouthwatering Cuban food in NJ? Why not? Why not cater authentic Cuban food for your party? Casa Cubana serves a taste of the Caribbean in the Jersey City area.

Why cater Cuban food?

Boring, bland, and standard fare are what we expect at our parties and special occasions. The same spiceless sliders, salads, pastas, and maybe light beer abound in the catering world. 

Cuban food breaks the mold, offering a world far from home. Pepperes, creole seasonings, and flavor can be yours.

What is Cuban food?

The Caribbean is a melting pot. As such, Cuban food is mainly a derivative of Spanish food, influenced by the many cultures that call the island home. Native Taino and African tastes grace the cuisine.

Rices and spices go far beyond the common Cubano sandwiches many are familiar with. This food is not your typical frozen pasta.

Gluten Free Catering Options

There is more to Cuban cuisine than rice and beans. Most options are gluten free. The many celiac friendly dishes are sure to cater to a group used to having barely any options available.

Wheat causes gluten intolerant people to feel sick. Rice, pork, chicken, and spices are gluten free. With as much as six percent of the world suffering from celiac disease and more striving to be healthy, catering Caribbean food is a terrific option for almost any gathering.

Is Cuban food healthy?

Many catering options come packed with salt, sugar, and fat. That is not true of Cuban food. Being a great option for those trying to avoid gluten nearly makes these dishes healthy by default.

Our dishes eschew sugary barbecue sauces and alfredo packed with cheese for the heat of peppers and grilled steak and pork that grace a Cuban menu. When you are ready for dessert, you can still tease your tastebuds with unique cakes and custards.

Catering Large Events

Finding catering options for weddings, corporate events, and even family reunions is difficult and even expensive. There are few places that offer more than expensive pickup.

Casa Cubana brings a professional catering experience to your event. Our restaurant can handle events of almost any size, bringing a fresh and welcome alternative for attendees to feast on at a reasonable price.

Free Catering Quote

Flying blind into an event is never recommended. Cost control requires careful planning as you seek to provide your guests with a special experience.

Casa Cubana offers potential patrons a free quote on catering orders. Let us help you craft the perfect menu. We can help you define the dishes and perfect an experience that will make your event memorable. 

Cuban Food in NJ

Whether you need to cater an event or are looking for a night out, Cuban food in NJ is a spicy and fresh alternative to standard fare. Casa Cubana brings Caribbean heat, a welcome change in Jersey City.

Visit our website to browse our menu, stop in, or get in touch for a free quote. Let us make your night or event something to remember.



Corporate Catering

As one of New York and New Jersey’s favorite local caterers, we bring you delicious Cuban Cuisine, where you can trust us to supplement your next special event or ongoing corporate catering program. Your staff, partners, colleagues, and clients will appreciate the care and attention the Casa Cubana Team provides.

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Wedding Catering

Communication and event planning are the core to making your special day perfect.  Casa Cubana’s wedding catering services focus on bringing your vision to life and making sure all your wedding wishes come true.
We genuinely cherish each wedding day and are appreciative to be a part of it.

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