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Hoboken Catering - Casa Cubana Catering

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Catering services are perhaps the most important for planning fundraising events, galas, and weddings. Many people enjoy a caterer skilled in both cooking skills and their creative endeavors because they generally add an exciting or interesting aura to the event. Many choose food and catering services that have proven successful in the industry because they would rather spend a little bit more than risk complications like delays, lousy food, or a generally poor dining experience.


Reasons To Choose Us For Hoboken Catering Services

Expertise For Food Catering For Events

The level of expertise for a catering business depends on their experience, technology for kitchen resources, and overall commitment to performing a great job. Anyone who works as a caterer knows that most of their future jobs come through references from past clients. Hence they are committed to providing a service that will keep up positive reviews for years.

The best part about our catering business is we are a family that has a deep history with the Cuban culture and, therefore, is proficient in serving any Cuban meal for all event settings. You do not need to know anything about Cuban foods to serve the meals because we will handle everything, including the drinks, for all of your guests to indulge themselves in sumptuous Cuban meals.

Another aspect that comes with experience is the level of technology we use in the kitchen. The best part about hiring a business with experience in the industry is that they have tried and tested several tools and now have the proper inventory to make everything work excellently.

Creative Presentations For Spanish Food Catering And More

Restaurant catering services are about making the guests feel excited about their choice. One of the things that we have learned to refine about our business is how we present different types of dishes for different events.

Our experience in the industry allows us to know different ways of presenting meals at a corporate event, wedding, birthday party for your senior parent, and many more factors that influence an event’s tone.

Remember that you can also request us to include specific things in your menu items and presentations or work with you until we find a theme that aligns with your dining needs.

We Build Lasting Relationships

One thing that lets clients feel like they can trust is the connection and trust we build. We are flexible with our business approaches and are open to working with you until we meet all of your needs.

Anyone who has worked with us before should tell you that we answer questions on time, set up consultations at your most convenient time, show up when needed, and maintain timely communication throughout the contract’s term.

Add Menu Items That Make A Difference

Everybody who knows a bit about Cuban meals has a favorite meal and may need us o throw it in so their guests can enjoy. The key to meeting all your needs is to work with the best catering companies that will put your wishes above their profit-making plan, which means they can quickly go out of their way to find a combination of food items and services that favor your needs.

Check out the menu online and contact us for consultation on private catering services.


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Corporate Catering

As one of New York and New Jersey’s favorite local caterers, we bring you delicious Cuban Cuisine, where you can trust us to supplement your next special event or ongoing corporate catering program. Your staff, partners, colleagues, and clients will appreciate the care and attention the Casa Cubana Team provides.

Table at catered event

Wedding Catering

Communication and event planning are the core to making your special day perfect.  Casa Cubana’s wedding catering services focus on bringing your vision to life and making sure all your wedding wishes come true.
We genuinely cherish each wedding day and are appreciative to be a part of it.

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